Thursday, 24 March 2011

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Downloading movies freely using peer-to-peer networks for example Lime-wire (when it was available) , or Bit-Torrent is often seen as being illegal, as they basically infringe on the publisher’s copyright. While peer-to-peer companies usually give a legal argument that watching movies for free is not a copyright infringement, the movie industry has been known to litigate notable users of these file-sharing systems!

These people include users who KNOWINGLY download movies illegally, and even users who don’t have an idea of movie downloads (most of the time, these users’ WiFi networks were more than likely unsecured, and neighbours using their resources to download files).

In fact, if a site offers you the ability to download movies for free, there’s quite a very  good chance that the site isn’t even legal. Movie copyrights exist to help the creators of a film make a profit without having their work stolen / reproduced without authorization. If a movie download site isn’t basically charging you anything (not even a dime) then you need to  ask yourself, “How would the writer, director and stars of the film be making money off this?”

While plenty of people download movies illegally, there’s always the small chance that such activity could get you into trouble with the law (especially if you download many many films). This could result in fines or jail time, and it’s not worth the hassle. For that reason, this article will concentrate on where to download movies legally.

So let me direct you to this FILM DOWNLOADER / Movies Downloader

I will direct you towards a site where movies can be downloaded legally without per limit and download limitations. No need to worry if the cops are coming to get you or some agency secretly monitoring you to see how many movies you downloading illegally, then ready to cart your butt (excuse my espanol’ ) off to the court house.

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